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If you experience 15 or more headache days per month (chronic migraine), getting adequate treatment is important to achieve immediate relief. For your chronic migraine treatment, Orthopedic Pain Institute is the ideal practice to turn to. We specialize in providing excellent and personalized treatment to individuals who experience headaches for several days in month. 

What are Chronic Migraines?

Migraines are intense neurological ailments that cause headaches, leading to increased sensitivity to sound and light. This ailment also causes nausea or the feeling of vomiting. Chronic migraine is a type of migraine that lasts from several weeks to months. People with a history of this ailment in their families are more prone to develop it. Females are more likely to be affected by chronic migraines than males.


Neurologists usually diagnose chronic migraines by ruling out other underlying causes of headaches.  The symptoms presented and the family history of the individual.

Furthermore, the affected individual can diagnose this ailment. This self-diagnosis is possible by looking out for the throbbing headache in different parts of the head. 


The neurologist, post-diagnosis, treats migraines with medications to manage the symptoms. Whenever the individual fails to respond to conventional treatment approaches, the neurologists often refer to specialized pain institutes. 

At Orthopedic Pain Institute, we provide Botox (Botulinum toxin) treatment in the treatment of chronic migraines. With this treatment, there have been positive reviews on the intensity and rate of the improved symptom of occurrences in the first week of Botox treatment. 

This treatment involves the injection of Botox to the defined muscle areas that are mostly affected due to chronic migraines. This injection interrupts nerve signals to relax muscles that cause pain via contraction.


During your visit, our specialist thoroughly examines you to determine the muscle that will be injected. Afterward, the skin overlying the selected muscle is disinfected. Then the Botox is injected into the target muscle. This treatment typically lasts from three to four months but varies from one individual to the other.

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