orthopedic pain management

Orthopedic Pain Management Near Me, Beverly Hills CA

Pain management is an essential part of orthopedic treatment and care. The experienced team at our practice will work with you to create a personalized plan to help control your pain. This plan might include massage, rest, ice/heat therapy, pain medication, and other equivalent therapies.

What is Orthopedic Pain Management?

Orthopedic pain management is a medical procedure that is used to treat people who are experiencing pain in a muscle, tendon, joint, or ligament. Below are some benefits of pain management treatment.

  • The procedure helps to better manage pain.
  • The procedure might enhance how you function and feel physically.
  • The procedure offers an improved ability to function in professional and personal relationships.

Procedure for Orthopedic Pain Management 

After the patient’s surgery, our experienced team will evaluate their pain. Our trusted team will adjust the patient’s pain medication and therapies respectively. Depending on the patient’s condition and whether they had an outpatient treatment and will be going back to their home, or if the patient will be spending the night in the hospital, the patient might receive medication at frequent intervals to hinder an abrupt surge of pain. 

Our specialist also offers patient-controlled analgesia equipment that lets you manage your pain by administering medication through an IV. This equipment is only used in the hospital. It’s crucial that the patient take their pain medication as prescribed. The patient needs to ask for pain medication when the pain first starts to keep it under control. The patient is required to tell our specialist if they have continual pain that won’t stop despite pain therapies and medications. The truth is the patient’s pain will not go away immediately after surgery. 

In addition to some hovering pain from the condition that led to surgery, the patient will have some soreness or pain from the actual surgery itself. Our trusted team will create a post-surgical pain management plan to fit the patient’s needs.

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