Trigger Point Injections in Beverly Hills

When there is overuse, strain, injury or spasm of a muscle, a focal “tender point” may develop in the muscle. This painful spot in your muscle may feel like a tight area or a “knot.” Sometimes, this can become more severe and the pain from the muscle can radiate to other parts of the body or limb and is called a “trigger point.” Trigger points can be very painful, but fortunately there are treatment options available.

Your doctor may administer a trigger point injection in the painful area to help reduce the pain. The injection contains a local anesthetic (for numbing and muscle relaxation) and sometimes a corticosteroid (to reduce inflammation). This provides the muscle a window of opportunity to relax, heal, and reset. There are some instances when no medicine is required, so the doctor may only insert the needle into the trigger point to break up the knot. The objective of trigger point injections is to reduce inflammation, help the muscle to relax, and improve blood flow in the area so the body heals itself. It also provides an opportunity for the person to stretch and rehabilitate the involved muscles for longer lasting relief.

Diagnosis Of Trigger Points

To identify a trigger point, the doctor performs a thorough history and physical exam. If trigger points are found, the doctor will localize and diagnose them using manual techniques. This step does not require any imaging since they do not show up on X-rays or MRIs. If there is an underlying dysfunction, the doctor will perform the necessary tests to find and treat the root cause.

Treatment Process For Trigger Points

The doctor will:

  • Locate the trigger point by feeling for the painful area
  • Clean the skin around the painful knotted area to prevent infections
  • Administer the injection into the trigger point using a thin needle, which typically provides rapid pain relief.

The entire process takes a few minutes and can provide pain relief for weeks or months. With that said, some patients may require a few injections over several weeks to see maximum benefit. At Orthopedic Pain Institute, our treatments are always individualized, so your doctor will discuss how many shots you may need for your situation.

Who is the right candidate for trigger point injections?

Trigger point injections are relatively simple, safe, and common procedures. They’re particularly beneficial for patients who are having difficulty participating in physical therapy due to their muscle pains, and can allow them to gain optimal results from therapy with less pain.

At Orthopedic Pain Institute, we will develop a highly specialized plan to treat your individualized needs. Schedule your consultation to learn more about how trigger point injections can help you.